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Functional Training for Sports

Textbook, Exam


Functional Training for Sports is the ideal course for any exercise professional looking to advance their knowledge of functional training. The book’s focus is on improving sport performance by providing information on screening, exercise execution and programming that allow any trainer to quickly and easily implement a more functional approach to their exercise prescription. With an emphasis on exercise progressions, coaches learn how to teach athletes simple movements and their more difficult variations that relate to athletic performance, making this the ideal course for any coach or trainer looking to expend their work with athletic populations.
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Chapter 1 Making Your Training More Functional
Chapter 2 Analyzing the Demands of Your Sport
Chapter 3 Assessing Your Functional Strength
Chapter 4 Designing Your Program
Chapter 5 Foam Rolling, Stretching and Dynamic Warm-Up
Chapter 6 Lower-Body Training
Chapter 7 Core Training
Chapter 8 Upper-Body Training
Chapter 9 Plyometric Training
Chapter 10 Olympic Lifting
Chapter 11 Performance Training Programs

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