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Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy

Textbook, Exam


Fighting sports often require additional insight to create a successful exercise program. This course uses detailed images, exercises, and training programs to help the Exercise Professional deliver maximal results in minimal time.
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Featuring over 230 full-color photos and 120 anatomical illustrations, you will learn how the body performs and can be trained for Mixed Martial Arts. The striking illustrations in this course demonstrate the interactions of muscles, joints, and bones during combat sports.

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports and recreational activities in the world. This course assists the Exercise Professional in understanding the physical demands of the sport and how to improve athletes through planned training and recovery.

Course Contents

Part 1: Principles of Strength Training

Developing your Program

Techniques for Increasing Strength and Power

Techniques for Improving Conditioning and Endurance

Techniques for Increasing Flexibility

Techniques for Recovery and Injury Prevention

Part 2: Strength Training Exercises for Fighting

Neck, Trapezius, and Jaw

Abdominal Wall

Punches and Elbow Strikes

Kicks and Knee Strikes

Grabs, Pulls, and Chokes

Chokes and Countermoves

Lifts and Throws

Part 3: Training Programs

Beginning Programs for Overall Strength

Specialized Programs

Customized Programs

Conditioning Circuits

Customized Circuits

Specialized Circuits at Home

Circuits for Injury Prevention

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