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Strength Ball Training

Textbook, Exam


The Strength Ball Training CEU course examines the use of training balls in the development of strength, power, coordination, balance, and core stability. The use of exercise balls allows individuals to train the body as a linked system rather than targeting muscles in isolation.

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The Strength Ball Training CEU course also includes a sample 16-week program with an excellent array of strength, flexibility, and balance challenges that may also be customized to design your own integrated program.

Course Contents

Chapter 1. The Strength Ball Advantage
Chapter 2. Training With the Strength Ball
Chapter 3. Assessment
Chapter 4. Core Stabilization
Chapter 5. Core Rotation
Chapter 6. Legs and Hips
Chapter 7. Chest
Chapter 8. Shoulders and Upper Back
Chapter 9. Abdominals, Lower Back, and Glutes
Chapter 10. Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms
Chapter 11. Whole Body
Chapter 12. Flexibility
Chapter 13. Strength Ball Programs

This is an excellent course for programming for youth, adult, and athletic populations.

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