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Strength Band Training

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The NCSF Strength Band Training continuing education course presents fitness professionals with over 160 exercises and predefined fitness and sport-specific workouts for endurance, power, and rotational sports. The program illustrates how strength bands aid in the development of strength, speed, and power and provide benefit to individuals of varying needs and abilities.

The course is designed to teach you how to apply resistance in multiple planes of motion to simulate sport-specific demands, improve core stability, and assist in injury prevention or recovery.

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Strength bands are an important component in any successful resistance training program. Mastery of their use is essential in ensuring clients reach their intended program goals.


Part I: Basics of Elastic Resistance Training
Chapter 1: Strength Training With Elastic Resistance
Chapter 2: Stretching Exercises

Part II: Elastic Resistance Training for Stability, Strength, and Power
Chapter 3: Joint Isolation Exercises
Chapter 4: Chest, Upper Back, and Shoulder Exercises
Chapter 5: Abdominal, Core, and Low Back Exercises
Chapter 6: Hip, Thigh, and Lower-Body Exercises
Chapter 7: Total-Body Exercises
Chapter 8: Power, Speed, and Agility Exercises

Part III: Programming
Chapter 9: Functional Fitness Training Programs
Chapter 10: Programs for Rotational Sports
Chapter 11: Programs for Strength and Power Sports
Chapter 12: Programs for Endurance Sports

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