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Suspension Training

Textbook Exam


With detailed instruction to over 115 exercises, learn the science behind suspension training and how to integrate it into your program design.
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Used by professional trainers and the clients they work with, Suspension Training is an essential component of any conditioning program.

This Suspension Training course includes instructions for more than 115 cutting edge exercises. Complete with photo sequences, variations, and safety recommendations, you’ll learn how to develop and integrate strength, power, core stability, flexibility, and balance. With over thirty ready-to-use programs, you have options for any situation.


Part I: Science of Suspension Training
Chapter 1: Foundation of Suspension Training
Chapter 2: Benefits of Suspension Training
Chapter 3: Setup, Safety, and Success
Chapter 4: Physical Assessment

Part II: Suspension Training Exercises
Chapter 5: Upper-Body Exercises
Chapter 6: Lower-Body Exercises
Chapter 7: Core Exercises

Part III: Suspension Training Programs
Chapter 8: Foundations of Program Design
Chapter 9: Prehabilitation
Chapter 10: Strength and Power
Chapter 11: Speed and Agility
Chapter 12: Balance, Stability, and Flexibility
Chapter 13: Total-Body Conditioning

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